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For any other type of partnership

As we continue to grow and expand across all the continents, United Pharmaceuticals never stops searching for new partnerships.

You are an ingredient supplier
We work continuously on innovative new formulas and new treatment solutions to offer to the market. Every day our engineers study new technologies and samples. If you would like to offer your products or services to further this research, please contact us.

You are offering production capacities
Because of our success in the market we are always on the search for ways to improve our production capacity. Our nutrition products - with their high therapeutic value (infants formulas, food supplements, etc.) - in addition to our expertise and experience in this sector, makes our products a real asset to your production unit. Contact us.

For any other types of partnerships
As a very dynamic company, United Pharmaceuticals seeks to build partnerships that promote innovation. Feel free to contact us to submit your project or service offer.